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Creating and open-sourcing tools that advance the future of software design and development.

Our projects

Why we experiment

Thinkmill’s mission is to develop, champion, and share ever-better tools, methods, and practices for making great software products, by doing so for our valued clients. We do this by open-sourcing our work, and by sharing the best tools, mindsets, and practices in the industry. We’ve been living this mission since we launched Keystone in 2013. Today, we have a team of engineers and designers working across a range of R&D projects. We call this team Thinkmill Labs; and it’s where our experimentation plays out daily.

By giving our Labs team the freedom to experiment, be curious, and take smart risks, we explore the real-world challenges that our clients face. We translate our findings into tools and practices that benefit our clients, without exposing them to unnecessary risk.

Labs is an essential part of our learning loop, which keeps us at the bleeding edge of our craft while supporting our ability to deliver best-in-class product design, design systems, and more.

Labs is not an island. Our work stands on the shoulders of the broader Thinkmill family, and others in open source. In this spirit, we share what we make and learn, so that others too can grow and benefit.

What’s new in Labs

Powered by Labs

Labs projects have been a transformative part of the following client success stories:

  • Atlassian Atlassian
    atlassian logo

    We helped Atlassian adopt React and build the front-end platform that unifies its products.

  • Brighte Brighte
    brighte logo

    We helped Brighte create Spark - a new Design System for their Mobile Apps.

  • Rugby Australia Rugby Australia
    rugby australia logo

    We helped Rugby Australia rebuild their publishing infrastructure with Keystone to power the content of 3000 websites.

  • Vocal Vocal
    vocal logo

    We helped Vocal scale from a hunch to a multi-million user publishing platform.

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