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Open Source, R&D & Community.

Our work and impact is inseparable from the communities we’re a part of. We innovate on the shoulders of open source giants, and help others by sharing our tools and the knowledge we’ve gained along the way.

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Open Source

If your dependencies include react-select, classnames, or keystone-6 – we’re already working with you. We’re proud to maintain the following OSS projects and communities they serve:

When I’m building an app or site, Keystone is the backend I’d use ten times out of ten. So impressive what the team have done in version 6! ...and it works perfectly with Stellate, just use it already!

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Max Stoiber

Co-founder, Stellate

Crowd photo of ReactConf AU

Community & Events

A photo of Jed Watson & Boris Bozic together

We’d love to work with you

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