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Accessibility (A11y) consulting services

Building good experiences for all users

At Thinkmill, we believe accessibility touches all facets of design and development. Our design and engineering teams work together to create accessible products that ensure everyone has access to the information and services they need.

We can help with

  • Accessible responsive websites

    Providing websites that work across a range of devices and zoom levels is critical for reaching your audience. We can help build websites that work across every screen size.

  • Accessible native mobile applications

    We have experience building accessible native mobile apps which come with their own challenges such as consideration for assistive technologies, gestures and touch targets.

  • Assistive technology integration

    We understand how varying input methods and assisting technologies work, such as mouth wands, eye tracking software, screen readers, alternative keyboards, and voice recognition.

  • Keyboard navigability

    We help ensure that your product can be navigated using a keyboard in a smart and seamless way, speeding up interactions not only for those using screen readers, but for all users.

  • WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines

    We have a depth of experience working with the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines to ensure components and patterns adhere to these minimum accessibility requirements.

  • Working with a11y tools and services

    We employ a range of a11y tools and services including plugins, browser extensions and working with third-party consultants to ensure our interfaces meet the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines.

Our approach to Accessibility

At Thinkmill, we believe accessibility touches every facet of the design of web and mobile application interfaces. By making websites and applications accessible, we can ensure that all our users can easily access the information and services they deserve.

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A few accessible experiences we’ve built

Department of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries logo

We helped an Australian Government department build an accessible Design System to support their digital transformation goals.

We co-led the design and development of the open source Agriculture Design System (AgDS). Accesibility support was noted as exemplary by independent third-party auditors.

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of DAFF design system.

The Department of Agriculture’s design system site presents very minor accessibility barriers for users with disability and is a credit to the Department of Agriculture’s time and effort towards making the application accessible.

Intopia avatarIntopia avatar


Accessibility & WCAG compliance consultants

Vocal logo

We’re helping Vocal transform a multi-million user publishing platform to be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Once Vocal’s early phase growth ambitions were achieved, we turned our lens to improving the accessibility of the website through thoughtful changes to interfaces and patterns. The consistency and predictability achieved from following the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines is greatly improving our ability to deliver future accessible features at speed.

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of Vocal app design & design system – color styles, user profile, user profile pictures, stories

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Deep dive into more articles and videos related to the craft of making products available to everyone.

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Have a chat with Boris, Thinkmill’s co-founder, about how we can bring accessibility to your projects.

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