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API Platform & Back-end Engineering services

Behind every great product.

Great interfaces, frictionless user experiences, and productive developers. They all rely on well architected APIs and back-end systems. We bring decades of R&D and Open Source experience to this crucial task.

We can help with

  • Multi-product architecture

  • Legacy migration

  • Schema Design

  • Back-end architecture & development

  • Architecture review

  • Data pipelines & integrations

We’ve been there

Some of our platform experience

  • reckon logo

    We helped Reckon establish a unified GraphQL platform, design system, & front-end strategy for their digital product range.

  • vocal logo

    We helped Vocal scale to a multi-million user content platform with a modern React & GraphQL API platform architecture.

  • abc logo


    We provided architectural support to Australia’s most trusted news source during their record-breaking internet coverage of the 2022 federal election.

  • rugby australia logo

    We built Rugby a publishing system & content API with 3rd party data integrations for their multi-brand & multi-channel operational needs.

  • brighte logo

    We helped Brighte overcome scaling issues with a schema-first API architecture and multi-channel ready design system.

Vocal wouldn’t be what it is today without Thinkmill. The team shaped the product visually, technically, and ethically, as we grew from a hunch to a multi-million user network.

Justin Maury avatar Justin Maury avatar

Justin Maury

Chief Operating Officer, Vocal

A decade of R&D and Open Source experience

From relational databases & GraphQL APIs through to access control, auth, & microservice integrations – we’ve dedicated years to architecting a sophisticated scalable open source API Platform framework, and learned a lot along the way.

A photo of Jed Watson

Get in touch about API Platforms

Have a chat with Jed, Thinkmill’s co-founder and Head of Technology, about how we can help with your API platform challenges.

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