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Design Systems

More design systems
experience than
anyone most.

With real-world, at-scale experience that few teams can match, we’ve led, shaped, and contributed to over a dozen design systems. From startups and scale-ups, to Atlassian and the Australian Government. We can bring our experience to your design system efforts.

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Design Systems Experience

  • atlassian logo

    We were there at the start of Atlassian’s design system initiative

  • reckon logo

    We led the development of Balance across web and mobile

  • vocal logo

    We built a WCAG 2.0 AA compliant design system to support Vocal’s scaling needs

  • australian government coat of arms

    We built a design system for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry with a focus on accessibility

  • brighte logo

    We helped Brighte ship a new mobile app design system

  • elmo logo

    We’re leading design and development of the ELMO design system

  • westpac logo

    Westpac GEL

    We’re supporting Westpac’s GEL team across a multi-brand landscape

  • cascade logo

    Cascade - Vapour DS

    We led the development of Cascade’s brand new front-end platform and DS

  • westfield logo

    Westfield Design System

    We helped build the DS that powers their Westfield ecommerce experience

  • anz logo

    ANZ Horizon DS

    We helped the Horizon team at ANZ nail a range of design system OKRs

There are very few teams you can hire with more real-world, at-scale Design System experience than Thinkmill.

Dominik Wilkowski avatar Dominik Wilkowski avatar

Dominik Wilkowski

Engineering Lead, Shopify Polaris Design System

We can help with

  • Design & Engineering

    We can help you fill capacity and capability gaps and build better ways of collaborating across the two practices.

  • System Architecture

    From foundations, to tokens, to component APIs and docs – we know how to piece the parts together into a comprehensive, effective, and maintainable whole.

  • Accessibility

    We’ve built exemplary implementations of accessible React Design Systems for government, banks, and commercial products.

  • Design System Audit

    We can review your existing design system and provide actionable recommendations for your team. From architecture, to accessibility, and workflows.

  • Brand & Token Architecture

    Multi-theme, multi-brand, and white-labelling. We’ve built design systems that support the needs of organisations with complex brand expressions.

  • Design Workflow

    Design systems often start in the design practice. We do a lot of talking, and iterating on the best way to run cross-functional collaboration, with no-handoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re incredibly excited about how the ELMO Design System realises our goals to deliver on design consistency, accessibility, an overall great user experience and will save our implementation consultants hours of work.

Matthew Brown avatar Matthew Brown avatar

Matthew Brown

Director of Product & Design, ELMO

A photo of Boris Bozic

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