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Product Design & Engineering services

Functional products & cross-functional teams.

Our team of 35+ engineers and designers helps organisations ship beautiful, functional products and services with confidence and speed. We can take your idea from concept to launch across web, mobile, and IoT channels while developing a great internal product culture along the way.

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We can help with...

  • Front-end Engineering

    We’re recognised experts, leaders, and OSS maintainers in modern JavaScript tooling and practices, including React, React Native, GraphQL, Next.js, & Keystone.

  • Our team comprises experienced and code-literate product designers, who are highly effective in cross-functional software teams, from startups to enterprise-scale products.

  • We practice a flexible, business-first approach to research. This provides the benefits of objective & actionable insights without impeding design & engineering velocity.

  • We bring decades of expertise to the making of sophisticated back-end architecture and know how to get this crucial part of any system right.

  • Clickable UI, mock APIs, branch previews, progressive enhancement. We can help your team benefit from working with code as the source of truth from early in your project lifecycle.

  • We know how to deliver WCAG-compliant products from initial designs through to design system components, documentation, and React front-ends.


A few products we’ve built

Vocal logo

We helped Vocal scale from a hunch to a multi-million user platform

From early go-to-market delivery to a sophisticated publishing platform for web and native users — we were a partner the entire way.

"Vocal wouldn’t be what it is today without Thinkmill. The team shaped the product visually, technically, and ethically, as we grew from a hunch to a multi-million user network."

Justin Maury

Chief Operating Officer, Vocal

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of Vocal app design & design system – color styles, user profile, user profile pictures, stories
Reckon logo

We helped Reckon ship a new generation of Payroll software

With an open design mandate, and extensive insitutional experience with all aspects of Payroll, we helped Reckon create a brand new Payroll experience, unified across web and mobile.

"Thinkmill brought a fresh design perspective and a depth of experience that gives me the confidence to pursue a mobile product strategy – together."

Sam Allert

CEO, Reckon

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of the Reckon app design & design system – token styles, profiles, create new customer screen
Breville logo

We helped Breville build their first mobile app for next-gen sous vide commercial cooking appliances

We led the innovation and development of Breville’s first companion mobile app for their next-gen sous vide commercial cooking appliances, giving chefs a way to automate their records for food safety compliance.

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Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of the Breville mobile app design & design system – components, cooking log screen, calendar screen
Brighte logo

We helped Brighte ship a new design system and mobile app for their vendor partners

Brighte set out to move their legacy mobile apps over to React Native. We helped them develop a Design System and ship a new Mobile App to improve their vendor partners’ user experience.

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of the Brighte mobile app design & design system – components, vendor screen, processing application screen
Enlitic logo

We helped Enlitic design medical annotation software in the browser, to train machine learning

We partnered with Enlitic to design and develop a Medical Annotation Platform (MAP) to serve as the core part of Enlitic’s Machine Learning (ML) platform for diagnositc assistance and pathology detection.

Read the case study

Enlitic product screenshot

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