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Proof of Concept & Prototyping services

Test before you build.

We can transform your ideas into tangible prototypes to build team alignment and accelerate product development. From simple paper mockups, to fully-interactive test sites and apps, we can build the level of fidelity your project requires.


We can help with

  • Concept development

    We’re well-practiced at ideation and brainstorming to take a concept and turn it into high-level wireframes that jumpstart the prototyping process.

  • Low-fidelity prototypes

    If your ideas need rapid validation we can create paper prototypes or simple interactive mock-ups to visualise flow and gather insights.

  • High-fidelity prototypes

    We can create slick high-fidelity prototypes that simulate your future product’s look and feel. Useful for gathering sales, stakeholder, and user feedback.

  • Fully-functioning HTML prototypes

    For more complex products and services that require the next level of prototyping, we can build simulations in code that closely mirror the real experience.

  • Proof of concept (POC)

    Our world-class development capabilities can build a proof of concept prototype to test an idea or technology and bring confidence to your next big project.

  • We can facilitate user research sessions to test your prototypes with real people and incorporate the findings back into your product design and development workflow.

Validate your prototypes with user research

Prototypes are great for helping you understand if your ideas are sound and feasible. But knowing whether they’re intuitive to your users, and will find the market fit you’re after is a different story. Test your prototype with real users to reveal its hidden shortcomings and give your team the time to elevate the finished product before you go live.

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Ideas we’ve brought to life

Vocal logo

We built a high-fidelity video prototype to help Vocal launch their first iOS app.

We helped Vocal build their first iOS app. When we were done, we helped them share the good news with a slick promotional launch video.

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Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of Vocal app design & design system – color styles, user profile, user profile pictures, stories

Vocal wouldn’t be what it is today without Thinkmill. The team shaped the product visually, technically, and ethically, as we grew from a hunch to a multi-million user network.

Justin Maury avatarJustin Maury avatar

Justin Maury

Chief Operating Officer, Vocal

Department of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries logo

We built a fully functional HTML prototype to demonstrate the account verification process of Basiq’s API.

Accessible easily via URL, this HTML prototype stepped through the flow of connecting a user’s bank account to Basiq’s open banking platform. A great tool for demonstrations and how-to videos.

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  • enlitic logo

    We built a proof of concept prototype to test the feasibility of Enlitic’s medical diagnostics tool before transforming it into a production-ready feature.

  • octant ai logo


    We developed a proof of concept prototype based on findings from the research we had conducted on OctantAI’s project performance tool.

A photo of Boris Bozic

Let us bring your ideas to life

Have a chat with Boris, Thinkmill’s co-founder, about how we can bring prototyping to your projects.

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