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User Research

Actionable insights for confident product decisions.

Research at Thinkmill is not a detour from hitting product milestones. We take a pragmatic approach to ensure that findings are material to project outcomes and team empowerment. We collaborate across practices to create tailor-made research plans which are embedded within the delivery cadence, providing timely answers to the questions at hand.

We can help with

  • User interviews

    Understanding who your users are and what motivates them is an important part of creating a great product. We can facilitate interviews with your users to gather valuable context on what’s driving them, where their pain points are, and how they see the current product landscape.

  • Usability testing

    We observe users to understand how intuitive your product or service is, as they interact with it. One-on-one sessions are an effective way to connect with participants and gain insight into their perspectives and pain points, uncovering meaningful ways to improve your offering.

  • UX audit

    Our UX experts have the necessary experience to evaluate your product or service, and identify the need for further research or product enhancements. Our analysis is informed by years of creating world-class digital experiences and the latest in UX best practice.

  • Tree testing

    We can create an interactive representation of your app or site’s navigational hierarchy and prepare tasks where users are asked to locate specific items. Tree testing reveals problems with your information architecture and informs overall usability.

  • Fast-track the user experience conversation and de-risk your development efforts with a prototype that’s fit for purpose. Whether it’s a sketch on paper, a mock API, or an app your users can interact with – we can build it.

  • Building a research culture

    We can help you foster and embed a culture of UX research into your organisation’s product development lifecycle. This will make it even easier to integrate research findings into future product decisions, building confidence and consensus within the team.

Research that helps you here and now

We understand that research findings need to be integrated back into the product development process quickly and effectively. That’s why we focus on delivering actionable research outcomes that can be directly and immediately translated into your project and team dynamic.

Learn how we ensure our research is actionable

Our partnership with Meld Studios

For larger customer segmentation and user research initiatives, we partner with Meld Studios – an Australian-based consultancy that specialises in human-centred service design. Working together lets us cover all design bases including whether a product or service is desirable, viable, feasible and ethical.

A unique offering

Our partnership with Meld Studios brings together practitioners with differing and complementary skillsets to create the ideal multi-disciplinary team for the challenge. Together with Meld, we’ve helped government and private sector clients realise their UX ambitions, including a six-month research effort with the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Learn more about how we work together (opens in new window).

Our research experience

  • reckon logo

    In our 5+ year full-service partnership with Reckon we adopted an embedded research approach to inform design and product strategy across of a range of apps and features.

  • vocal logo

    We helped Vocal understand the evolving needs of their global audience and inform the platform’s future strategy with remotely facilitated evidence-based persona analysis.

  • aps logo


    We helped APS better understand their accounting users, validate product intent, and build a better research culture with customer segmentation, usability testing, and research mentoring.

  • enlitic logo

    We conducted embedded research with Enlitic to understand the value of their pioneering AI tech and inform the roadmap with iterative UX testing.

  • octant ai logo


    We helped OctantAI discover the needs and motivations of their construction industry users, and establish a product vision through user research and prototyping.

  • macquarie logo

    Macquarie Bank

    We helped Macquarie redesign a brand portal for 15,000 staff members with integrated user testing from wireframing through to final design and build.

  • access group logo

    Access Group

    We performed a UX audit of Access Group’s three main cloud accounting products and provided actionable guidance for creating a more harmonious experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinkmill’s co-ordinated user research program helped us garner insights to build features that significantly impacted our ability to scale Vocal to what it is today.

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Justin Maury

Chief Operating Officer, Vocal

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