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UX & UI Design

Functional design.
Frictionless products.

Our team of designers can bring your ideas to life and create a robust, accessible product that’s fit for business and back-end alike. In balancing user experience with implementation details, we ensure that what’s built is intuitive, delightful, and meets your technical and business requirements.

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We can help with

  • UX & UI Design Services

    We can help bridge the divide between business needs, domain logic, and user goals, and produce the artefacts that will build consensus and accelerate your product development.

  • User Interface Design

    We approach UI design from an engineering-first point of view. Our work is functional, fit-for-purpose, and comes crafted with your accessibility, state, and API capabilities in mind.

  • Information Architecture

    We can help you map and shape the routes, navigation patterns, hierarchies, and taxonomies that best reflect your business logic and APIs, to deliver compelling user experience outcomes.

  • Get to the bottom of what you’re building and fast-track the design conversation with clickable interfaces that reflect the capabilities of your system architecture and APIs.

  • From foundations, to tokens, to component APIs and docs – we know how to piece the parts of your UI & UX into a documented and maintainable system that you can scale on.

  • Our research is not a detour from your product milestones. We take a pragmatic approach where findings are material to project outcomes – positively impacting confidence and velocity.

Designing better. Together.

Over the years, we’ve developed a collaborative approach to designing and developing software that increases the likelihood of shipping great work while maintaining the wellbeing of the people involved. It focuses on team dynamics, silo-breaking, and shared responsibility – the foundations of unified and productive teams.

Learn more about the Thinkmill Method

Vocal wouldn’t be what it is today without Thinkmill. The team shaped the product visually, technically, and ethically, as we grew from a hunch to a multi-million user network.

Justin Maury avatarJustin Maury avatar

Justin Maury

Chief Operating Officer, Vocal

Products & platforms we’ve designed

Vocal logo

We helped grow a multi-million user platform with end-to-end design

As Vocal’s long-term technology partner, we’ve designed everything from onboarding and authoring flows to design systems, accessibility compliance, and advertisements.

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of Vocal app design & design system – color styles, user profile, user profile pictures, stories
Reckon logo

A new design language and collaborative culture to power the next generation of payroll products

We partnered with Reckon on a multi-year project to create an internal design culture capable of shipping first-class products and features autonomously. We led by example, defining a new design language and guidelines from first principles, and implemented them across a range of design system powered web and native products.

"Thinkmill brought a fresh design perspective and a depth of experience that gives me the confidence to pursue a mobile product strategy – together."

Sam Allert

CEO, Reckon

Read the case study

Illustration: a series of windows displaying elements of the Reckon app design & design system – token styles, profiles, create new customer screen
  • atlassian logo

    Established a new design team and language to service multiple brands. Designed complex UI components for Jira and more. Led a dedicated design system team to support numerous delivery streams

  • brighte logo

    Designed better onboarding, more consistent and accessible interfaces, a component architecture / design system for web and native to support multi-channel, multi-product growth

  • breville logo

    Collaborated on design and delivered Breville’s first connected mobile app. Solved tough Bluetooth user experience challenges and provided powerful search and filtering capabilities to let users find the data they needed

  • enlitic logo

    Led immersive design research to understand user workflows and AI work context. Designed medical annotation user flows, platform information architecture, user interfaces, and design system components

Thinkmill helped our design and engineering people discover new ways of working together. We now ship faster, deliver better outcomes, and have more fun doing it.

Luke Kerr  avatarLuke Kerr  avatar

Luke Kerr

Principal Program Manager, ELMO

A photo of Jed Watson & Boris Bozic together

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