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Case studies

We helped Breville create their first connected mobile app.

We helped with the design and development of Breville’s first companion mobile app for their next-gen sous vide commercial cooking appliances, giving chefs a way to automate their records for food safety compliance.

4 screens from the Breville PolyScience HACCP application juxtaposed side by side.


  • Helped with the design and delivery of Breville’s first connected product mobile app
  • Co-designed the product experience with Breville’s Global UX Design Team and hardware partner
  • Solved difficult Bluetooth user experience challenges through close design and engineering collaboration
  • Engineered complex native connectors to communicate with low-level hardware
  • Empowered chefs around the world to replace tedious manual and error-prone processes with automated ones

Sync over Bluetooth

Chefs are able to stream cooking records from Breville’s HydroPro Plus appliances to the companion app over Bluetooth. PolyScience HACCP Manager (App Store)

Powerful search and filtering

We implemented user-friendly aggregation search and filter tools that make it easy to find data both widely and deeply. Users can search by food name, date range, restaurant, supplier, chef, or by whether records have been previously downloaded.

An app for multilingual marketplaces

Chefs from different language backgrounds are able to work together with user configurable options for app-wide wide translation into English, Spanish, German, and French.

Automated HACCP-compliant PDF generation to remove manual record keeping

Commercial chefs need to keep a detailed account of their cooking practices in order to comply with HACCP regulations. Before the app they were encumbered with repetitive manual tasks and large paper trails. The app provided users with the ability to download human-readable records for filing or sharing on demand.

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