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We helped Brighte create Spark – a Design System for Brighte's Mobile Apps

Brighte set out to move their legacy mobile apps over to React Native. We helped them develop a Design System and ship a new Mobile App to improve their vendor partners’ user experience

Technology used

  • Monorepo,
  • TypeScript,
  • JavaScript,
  • Keystone,
  • Preconstruct,
  • Node.js

Tagged in

4 screens from Brighte Partner Ap juxtaposed side by side showing the application process


  • Shipped new Android & iOS apps for vendor partners
  • Implemented a new React Native mobile design system to support the app
  • Optimised the customer onboarding journey, halving the time it takes to apply for finance
  • Supported on-device accessibility features like VoiceOver and Dynamic Type
  • Validated the new user experience via research interviews during design and closed beta releases
  • Established a high-velocity delivery method within the mobile team

Halving the time it takes to apply for finance

Previously, applying for finance with Brighte took more than 12 minutes and 50 questions to complete. The new experience can be completed in as little as 5 mins and customers receive an outcome within 30 seconds.

A mobile and tablet friendly experience across iOS and Android

Brighte’s partners are in the office, on the road, or out on site. Whether they use a mobile or tablet, or if it’s iOS or Android, all partners now get the same, great experience.

Showing the onboarding screen to sing into Brighte App on phone and tablet devices

Partners made the app theirs with accessibility features

We took great care to support on-device accessibility features like VoiceOver and Dynamic Type. Brighte’s partners were able to fine-tune the reading experience for their context and put their customers at ease.

A device mockup displaying the accessibility settings window with a toggle to enable larger sizes, and a slider to make text smaller or larger. Behind this mockup are two others showing the device interface with smaller text being displayed, and larger text being displayed.

Equipped for a multi-platform, multi-product strategy

Brighte maintains two separate apps. One for partners, and another for customers. When we began work on the partner app, we consciously set out to not just design and develop the app but also create a mobile design system. Brighte’s mobile team is now equipped to refresh their customer experience without losing their newfound development velocity.

Screens Brighte Partner and Customer App juxtaposed side by side with respective logos

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