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Case studies

Designing medical annotation software to train machine learning.

We helped Enlitic – a San Francisco based company – to pioneer medical AI for diagnostics and pathology detection. We designed and developed a Medical Annotation Platform (MAP) to serve as the core part of Enlitic’s Machine Learning (ML) platform.

Services provided

Technology used

  • Machine Learning,
  • Keystone
2 screenshots of the Enlitic MRI standardiser and Retrospective insights juxtaposed side by side


  • Conducted immersive observational design research to understand radiologist workflows and work context
  • Designed UX patterns which adopted the observed radiologist behaviours and aligned them to the platform’s medical annotation requirements
  • Designed the system architecture and data pipeline
  • Designed the platform’s Information Architecture and User Interface
  • Developed a library of Design System components for reuse and consistency
  • Front-end application development

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