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Case studies

We helped Koala improve their fulfilment ops and expand into new markets with a multichannel serverless integration.

Koala were looking to optimise their stock management processes across a range of platforms and reduce inefficiencies before expanding into new markets. We developed a serverless app to integrate their back-end with Channel Advisor, which enabled real-time inventory and fulfilment updates, and paved the way for expansion into new sales channels.

Services provided

Koala website with Koala logo, and logos of AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, and Channel Advisor.


  • Integrated Koala’s existing back-end system with the multi-channel e-commerce platform Channel Advisor
  • Utilised a serverless architecture to decouple back-end development from their multichannel fulfilment needs, resulting in a clear separation of concerns for the future
  • Leveraged AWS Lambda and AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) to facilitate real-time inventory and ful!lment updates for a global audience
  • Fostered a collaborative working relationship. What started off as an isolated engagement grew into team augmentation. Our way of working was so successful that Koala encouraged other agencies to operate in a similar way.

Thinkmill felt right at home in our team. They tuned in to our people, systems, and goals in rapid time and delivered high quality work from the outset. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Andrew Sladen avatar Andrew Sladen avatar

Andrew Sladen

Director Of Engineering, Koala

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