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Case studies

We helped Koala implement a lead capture and onboarding feature, with personalisation capabilities that exceeded expectations.

Koala’s marketing team wanted a way to craft bespoke pop-ups for lead capture and onboarding to their website without requiring time from the development team. We listened, researched, and delivered an approach that enabled personalisation capabilities without compromising their CMS as the source of truth for content.

Services provided

Koala website with Koala logo, and logos of Contentful and Ninetailed.


  • Researched and evaluated the UI-builder approach suggested by Koala
  • Identified issues in the proposed approach that would introduce a second source for truth for content, unnecessarily complicating their marketing ops and scaling potential
  • Designed an alternate architecture that integrated their existing stack and CMS with the Ninetailed personalisation platform: providing the desired pop-up experience, and delivering personalisation capabilities that the team had wanted but weren’t sure how to achieve
  • Built a proof of concept identity service using AWS Cognito which enabled users to log into their account and formed the basis for future features such as order history, wish lists, and returns
  • Delivered the project on time and within budget. Koala was very pleased with the results.

Thinkmill felt right at home in our team. They tuned in to our people, systems, and goals in rapid time and delivered high quality work from the outset. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

Andrew Sladen avatar Andrew Sladen avatar

Andrew Sladen

Director Of Engineering, Koala

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